Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Week's GG Score

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So, I did really good this week. I just missed my budget of $100.00, but hubby's low carb diet is requiring some off-list purchases. Overall I am pleased with my performance...especially since I have had to fight the "system" with every shopping trip.
I skipped CVS altogether this week. Nothing I really needed.
Publix was awesome as usual.
Walgreens only gave me $17.00 of rebates on my gift card...even though I had confirmation for 21.00 (even that wasn't the full amount I had qualified for...just the amount they had figured they HAD to give me!) I am honestly sort of over Walgreen's. I used the entire amount of rebate on pull-ups and candy (for the girl's school Easter egg hunt).
Then I went to Kroger.
They had a deal where you buying 4 fruits snacks for $10.00 would get you $4.00 of at the register. I also had 4 coupons for $.50 off 2 (doubled to $1) which made them $1 per box. Well my girls LOVE I stocked up. Having my sleep deprived children in tow after preschool today, I didn't check my receipt until I was home.
Only ONE $4 off the receipt!
Phone call to customer service: 20 minutes.
Trip to Kroger tommorrow for $4 refund.
This game can be tough.

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