Monday, March 10, 2008

Remember when snow was fun?

This past weekend Nashville had a HUGE snowstorm. As a nurse at a major hospital under Yellow Alert, I had no choice about braving the weather to care for my patients Saturday morning.
I spent most of Friday trying to find a place to stay for the night closer to the hospital, because they do not clear or salt the rural roads where I live!
As I packed my family up to go to a hotel...I realized I am officially a grown up. I had no sense of wonder as the sleet mixed with snow pelted my car on the way downtown. I was simply worried about all of the idiots driving around me and my sweet girls in the back seat.
Saturday Nashville came to a beautiful, snow-covered screeching halt....except of course for those of us that have jobs that don't wait for the snow to melt. As I scraped 6 inch drifts of snow off my car windows at 5 am in a hotel parking lot,then drove to a short-staffed day of work on snow covered interstates at 25 mph....I realized what a real pain a winter storm is for "the grown ups."
I can tell you that my days of eagerly anticipated snowfalls are over....except for the joy it brings my girls....which was as pure as the snow itself.

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