Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring Planting

So, today was spring planting at my house.

Last year my girls and I planted about 70 tomato seeds just to watch them grow. What started as a science experiment for two year olds yielded 70 tomato plants, which we quickly weeded down to 4 lucky plants that got to take up residence in a window box!

My mom (BIG green thumb) came for a visit about the time we moved out tomato plants out in the yard. Well, they turned yellow and she threatened to toss them...said "it hurt her to look at them!"
I swore she would not throw them out! If they died it would be by my hand in that pot! No thanks to me they found new life, and kept us in cherry tomatos until almost OCTOBER!
Seeing that I obviously missed my calling to agriculture...we have decided to plant a garden this year consisting of various herbs, cucumbers, two types of tomatos, Sunflowers, and Strawberries! I'll keep you posted!

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Shelley said...

Glad you joined the blogging world!

And now you can open up your own Farmer's Market!