Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting Rich One Coupon at a Time

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a junkie. On any given Sunday night, I can be found running from store to store to get my fix. The Sunday edition of the Tennessean and the precious COUPONS inside!!!!
About three months ago, my enlightened friend Shelley mentioned The Grocery Game exposing me to a high that keeps me clipping week after week.

The Grocery Game is a list for which members pay a small monthly fee. On the list is a top secret combination of store sales and coupons that combined can save you up to 80% on items that we normally buy....often they are even FREE! It requires a certain amount of organization and a new focus on stockpiling rather than buying for the week.

I am hooked. There is something about going to checkout and having your items ring up for less than HALF of retail! I will be keeping you updated on my savings coups from week to week, but due to the highly secretive nature of the list...I can't share many specifics! Keep an eye on my ticker and watch my savings grow!!!

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